NEWALL DP700 Digital Readout Milling Machine Package 12" x 24" other sizes avail (#9367)

Price: $1,715.00

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DP700 Milling Machine Packages


• DP700 DRO Display

• Encoder Assemblies

• Spherosyn® 2G Reader Heads

• Spherosyn® 2G Scales

• Scale Support Brackets

• Mounting Bracket Kit

• Display Mounting Arm


2 and 3 Axes Packages for Knee Mills

Axis Travels                 Package Type            Package No.                                      Package Price

12” x 24”                      2 Axes                         DP70021100/1                                         1715.00

12” x 24” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill             DP7003111S/1Q06                                  2336.00

12” x 24” x 16”             3 Axes w/Knee            DP7003111S/1K16                                   2336.00

12” x 30”                      2 Axes                         DP70021100/2                                         1715.00

12” x 30” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill              DP7003111S/2Q06                                  2336.00

12” x 30” x 16”             3 Axes w/Knee             DP7003111S/2K16                                  2336.00

12” x 36”                      2 Axes                          DP70021100/3                                         1715.00

12” x 36” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill              DP7003111S/3Q06                                  2336.00

12” x 36” x 16”             3 Axes w/Knee             DP7003111S/3K16                                  2336.00

16” x 30”                      2 Axes                          DP70021100/4                                         1715.00

16” x 30” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill              DP7003111S/4Q06                                  2336.00       

16” x 30” x 16”             3 Axis w/Knee              DP7003111S/4K16                                  2336.00

16” x 36”                      2 Axes                          DP70021100/5                                         1715.00

16” x 36” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill              DP7003111S/5Q06                                 2336.00

16” x 36” x 16”             3 Axes w/Knee             DP7003111S/5K16                                 2336.00

16” x 40”                      2 Axes                          DP70021100/6                                        1715.00

16” x 40” x 6”               3 Axes w/Quill              DP7003111S/6Q06                                 2336.00      

16” x 40” x 16”             3 Axes w/Knee             DP7003111S/6K16                                 2336.00

DP700 3 axes Milling Packages with quill encoder are provided with a 2” Microsyn® 2G 10 micron accuacy encoder. Once mounted, the encoder will provide 6” of travel.

Note: 18” or 20” Spherosyn may be substituted for 16” Spherosyn on the knee at no additonal charge.