Asahi Seiki STP-45 2.5” Stroke 12 Station Die Set New 1994 Transfer Press 40-140 Spm!


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Asahi Seiki STP-45 2.5” Stroke 12 Station Die Set New 1994 Transfer Press 40-140 Spm!

  • Make: Asahi Seiki
  • Model: STP-45
  • 65 mm Stroke
  • 350 mm Shut Height
  • 45 Tons of Stamping Force
  • 500 MiliSecond Brake Stopping Time
  • 40-150 Strokes Per Minute
  • TAE Inc Programmable Servo Feed
  • Asahi Seiki 16 Station Die Protection System
  • 10 Stripper Forks and Strip & Release System with Cam 
  • Die Holders, Transfer Slide, Transfer Cam Included
  • Oil Pump for Bearings with Electric Pump and Pressure Sensors
  • Maximum Blank size in a blank and cup operation – 63.5 MM

This press is guided on 6 sliding surfaces.  It is a box frame ram type machine where it is guided at each corner.  The ram on this machine is not like the regular transfer press which is a flat thick casting with 4 sliding surfaces.  This ram is a box casting that is more like a conventional straight side press and provides much more rigidity and accuracy.  This press is made for more difficult transfer press work that would benefit from more ram guidance.
•    ●Inverter motor ●Air clutch brake ●Lower knockout mechanism ●Servo roll feed mechanism ●Transfer mechanism ●Vertical transfer mechanism ●Automatic lubrication device ●Air valve device ●Operation box and control box ●Box type base (Oil pan) ●Machine lamp ●Outlet for 100V & 200V ●Machine oil reservoir ●Transfer slide support 
•    Casting iron solid straight side frame Casting iron 6-surface guide Cam stops 60 degree at lower dwell with modified sine curve motion cam
•    Straight side frame for high rigidity. STP is a straight side transfer press with high rigidity, realizing exceptional accuracy at lower dwell Casting iron slide with 6-surface guide for high rigidity Slide with 6-surface guide minimizes accuracy variation and improves the workpiece preciseness.

  • Mint Condition
  • Sold As Is

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