Acer E-Mill 3VK 50"X 10"Table 3Hp 4500k Spindle Mill W/Fagor 8055i/A-MC Cntrl (#16097)

Price: $27,350.00

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Acer E-Mill 3VK 50"X 10"Table 3Hp 4500k Spindle Mill W/Fagor 8055i/A-MC Cntrl

Make: Acer

Model: E-Mill 3VK

Control: Fagor 8055i/A-MC

Table Size: 50" X 10"

5" Quill

Max Longitudinal Travel: 34"

Cross Travel: 16" 

Vertical Knee Travel: 16"

Ram Travel: 20"

Spindle Rpm Speed: 60-4,500

Spindle Taper: R-8

Power Quill Feed: 0.0015", 0.003", 0.006"


1. Edge Finder Probe, English / Metric (.500” shank, .200” probe):$ 950.00

2. Remote Manual Pulse Generator (FAGOR 100P M.P.G.):$ 850.00

3. Home & Fixture Offset:$ 200.00

4. One Day On-Site Program Training Net $ 850/Day/Labor (Accommodation & Transportation is not included)


1. 6” Milling Vise:$ 450.00

2. 12” Rotary Table (Vertical & Horizontal):$ 800.00

3. T-Slot Cover: $ 100.00

4. Clamping Kit (52pcs):$ 150.00

5. Auto Lubricator w/ Timer:$ 400.00

6. Upgrade Frequency Inverter (3 Phase, 380V ~ 520V) Net: $ 450.00

7. Upgrade to 10”x54” Table (for 3VKH & 5VK) Net: $ 400.00

8. “TORQUE-RITE” Power Drawbar Assembly (3VS-II/3VK/3VKH): $ 700.00

9. “TORQUE-RITE” Power Drawbar Assembly with Safety Ring (5VK):$ 800.00

10. Installation Fee for Auto. Power Drawbar Assembly Net: $ 100.00

11. Coolant System (Not Installed ):$ 500.00

12. Installation Fee on Coolant System integrated w/ CNC Control Net: $ 200.00

13. Chip Pan (for 3VS-II) / (for 3VK, 3VKH, 5VK):$ 320.00/350.00

14. Halogen or LED-L95 Work Light:$ 220.00

15. R8 Collet Set (for R8 Spindle; 11pcs/set with 1/8” increment; 1/8” ~ ¾”):$ 200.00

16. Riser Block (4”/6”/8”) Installation Fee: Net $200……..………….$ 520.00/580.00/605.00

17. Upgrade to UL Conformity Electric Cabinet……………………….. Net $ 500.00