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What is an Asahi Seiki?

Asahi Seiki is a press and spring forming machine manufacturer with a higher understanding of mass-production and optimal production methods. Asahi manufactures high quality presses that are the metric equivalent of an american company like US Baird. With hundreds of running machines in the USA, Asahi Seiki is a reputable and thriving brand. They offer lower prices than their counterparts and the same outstanding quality.


Our Services

At Global Machine Brokers, we carry a variety of Asahi presses in stock and ready to ship. Also, GMB accepts trade ins and we have an in-house staff that has the ability to do most aspects of refurbishment.

Global is one of the largest distributor of preowned Asahi-Seiki, US Baird, and Waterbury Farrel transfer presses in Northern America. Therefore, we offer a large selection of parts for Asahi Seiki presses including clutches, die sets, stripper systems, cams, and various other parts. Call or email to get pricing and lead times!

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