Bridgeport Series II serial lookup

Bridgeport milling machines are one of our most popular products, and a must-have piece of equipment for any machine shop. Many machines that are decades old are still running today!

Fortunately, Global Machine Brokers has Bridgeport serial numbers from 1938-2002 on file, so we can help determine the age of your mill. If you're interested in figuring out the age of a machine, don't rely on hearsay or guesses from a previous owner - get the real age right now!

This calculator will determine the age of a Series II, Series II special, or Trak II machine. There are a few nuances in the numbering, but for this calculator, just plug in the number (don't worry about any suffix letters!). Also, for machines EZ2223-2230, the date of production is 1995 - these are anomalies! For the rest, trust our calculator. For Series I mills, please use the other database.