Crest Ultrasonics 6 Station Auto Transfer Aqueous Ultrasonic Washing System 4 Wash 2 Dry Tanks


Product code: 12418

Crest Ultrasonics 6 Station Auto Transfer Aqueous Washing System 4 Ultrasonic Wash 2 Dry Tanks

  • Make: Crest Ultrasonics
  • 2 Wash Tanks - All have Crest Sonics on them
    • Tank Sizes: 21" L to R x 26" F to B x 17.25 D (to top of weir, not top of tank) OR 18" to top of tank
  • 2 Rinse Tanks 25" deep
  • Crest Ultrasonic Generators - Model 4G-500-6T (500 Watts each generator x 14 generators)
  • 2 Dry Tanks - Electric Hot Air, Dayton Blowers 18" Deep
  • 2 Oil Skimmers - Stainless Steel. Removes most oils
  • 2 Waste Wizzard Aqueous Recycling System - Reverse Osmosis Membrane System
  • 14 Crest Tru-Sweep Ultrasonic Generators - 40kHz and 500 Watts
  • Crest Deioniezed Water Mighty Pure System
  • Auto Transfer System With Autolids & Cycling
  • Sparger Spray Manifold for spraying clean water on baskets before they transfer to next station.
  • Link Lite Blackmax Light Curtains
  • 20"L x 9" Square Rotating Baskets
  • 7 Baskets
  • Siemens Simatic S7-300 Plc
  • Myron L Company Series 750 Megaohms Meter - For monitoring RO water quality
  • Link Lite Black Max Light Curtains tied into load station for operator safety - shunts robot down if someone breaches the light curtain.
  • Complete documentation package - books, manuals, prints, operation instructions
  • Spare parts - generators, pumps, membranes and more. Boxes full of stuff.
  • This system only needs to be hooked back up and put to power to run.
  • Rigging & Hauling Not Included In Asset Sale Price

This system is a complete aqueous ultrasonic precision cleaning system. It is designed and engineered to perfection. The operator places a basket in the load station and the loader raise up and presents the basket to the robotic picker and then the picker puts the basket in the tank.  The programmed robot goes back and forth moving baskets from station to station and puts them at the end of the system for the operator to remove the clean parts from the baskets and repeat the process. 

The Crest washer foot print: 
It is 23’ long x 6’ deep with the robot picker along the back as it needs to be to move the baskets.  You will need a couple feet on each side for access I would think.

This is a footprint of the machine and robot only.  There is a lot of good stuff that goes with this as well.

  1. Control cabinet – 6’ wide x 18” deep x 7’ tall with 20 1” diameter Seal-Tite wires attached.  This has to go no more than 8’ away from the load side.  It has about 8’ of slack to move it around.
  2. The sonic generators – the control cabinet is 4’ wide x 3’ tall x 2’ deep and has to be within 10’ of the back center.  You  can mount it to either side above or on a wall but you have cables again.
  3. There are two 3’ x 3’ x 2’ tall oil skimmers that can go anywhere with plumbing.
  4. There are two RO Membrane filters that are 3’x4’x4’ tall that can go anywhere with plumbing and wires.
  5. In its current configuration the former owner had 4’ additional feet in back of the 6’ and had all the devices lined up along the wall and you could jockey between pipes and wires to get to each. So it looks like it was about 10’ wide front to back for the system if you configure it like it was. 

Specific information on each component in the system below.  All info is taken from differnt manufacturers web sites and would need to be verified for our particular models.  Basically, this info is for our components but if some data has changed and it is critical to your use, you should verify our components in question with the manufacturers. 

Membrex Waste Wizard Recycles Aqueous Cleaners, Mass Finishing Compounds & Mop Water
Membrex's Waste Wizard Plus is a revolutionary new filtration technology for recycling of aqueous cleaner baths, mass finishing compounds, mop water and certain other water based industrial fluids. Designed as low maintenance, point-of-use device for the factory, the Waste Wizard + system employs a patented process to filter out and collect the soils that reduce the useful life of these valuable fluids. Cleaners and finishing compounds are recycled continuously to keep the process sump clean and to extend the useful life of the fluid by as much as 10 times or more. In addition, oil and solid contaminants are concentrated to high levels inside a standard waste drum or small tank for convenient, cost effective disposal. The Waste Wizard's ability to recycle cleaners and finishing compounds continuously is unparalleled and can save many thousands of dollars in chemical usage, labor, waste processing and hauling. In addition, Waste Wizard Plus recycled fluids will save on product rework costs by improving cleaning /finishing quality and consitency that typically go off-spec as the oil and dirt contaminants build up in the process sump. No other recycling technology can match the ease-of-use, reliability and performance of Membrex's new Waste Wizard Plus System. If you have been waiting for a recycling solution that can both improve product quality and pay for its self out of immediate savings on cleaner, labor and waste water processing.

The Benefits Are Clear!

  • Affordable point-of-use recycling for aqueous cleaners, mass finishing compounds, mop water & synthetic coolants.
  • Reduces cleaner usage up to 85%
  • Reduces wastewater volume up to 99%
  • Produces highly concentrated waste for cost effective disposal
  • Improves cleaning quality:reduces rework.
  • Plug-in installation:no hard piping.
  • Small Footprint.
  • Low maintenance:will run 1-6 weeks with minimal operator intervention. Highly serviceable plug-in componants
  • No prefiltration required; saves money on bag and cartridge filters
  • Inexpensive:pays for itself in just a few months.

Crest 40KhzTANK FEATURES:- Provides the optimum environment for precision cleaning with extended service life.- Constructed of cavitation resistant, bright annealed 316L stainless steel.- Welded inside and out for long-term stability and sturdy performance.- Cove corner construction with ground and polished welds.

4G-500-6T GENERATOR FEATURES:Outstanding and consistent performance, process control and the ability to monitor output for consistent cleaning time after time. TRU-SWEEP sweep frequency eliminates inconsistent cleaning by sweeping a +/- 1kHz around the center frequency at a set repetitive rate. Standard two power options to vary cleaning from gentle for delicate parts to periodic short blasts of power for hard to clean parts. Three (3) controls including Amplitude control to vary ultrasonic power, Duty Cycle Control to control the amount of ultrasonic energy delivered and Frequency control to adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic energy reducing audible noise from subharmonics.


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